Gundam: Battle Assault 2 Strategy Guide

Friday, January 29, 2016

1.   Introduction
This guide is here to show how this game can be played competitively, rather than an old gundam collection. For an early game this has many elements that most new games has. For example this game has a thrust boost, which is equivalent to tech(ggxx).
There is many playing styles, other than simply using the Vulcan and play keep away or button mash like crazy. This FAQ will reveal a glimpse of the potential of this game. There is probably many more to be discovered in this game, so keep playing and withdraw the best of the games ability as a fighting game.

2. Basic Command
A. Legends
WP-weak punch-square WK-weak kick-cross(X)  HP-strong punch-triangle
HK-strong kick-circle
R1-thrust             PP/KK-dodge or bubble
(when character is facing right)

  U/B | U/F
     \|/          (LP)    (HP)    (A1)
 B -- o -- F
     /|\          (LK)    (HK)    (A2)
  D/B | D/F
F - Forward     U/F - Up/forward
B - Backward    U/B - Up/backward
U - Up          D/F - Down/forward
D - Down        D/B - Down/back


P   - Hit either punch
PP  - Hit both punches
K   - Hit either kick
KK  - Hit both kicks

+   - Input commands on either side of the sign simultaneously.

QCF - Quarter Circle Forward; D, F
QCB - Quarter Circle Back; D, B
HCF - Half Circle Forward; B, D, F
HCB - Half Circle Back; F, D, B
DP  - Dragon Punch (Shoryuken) motion; F, D, F
RDP - Reverse Dragon Punch motion; B, D, B
OTG - Off The Ground

-Thrust on knockdown, you'll quickly fly away from OTGs
Wake up
-Neutral stand when you fall down from a knockdown.
-Offensive pressure on a waking opponent
Tech catch
-Hitting tech thrusting opponent
Hit tech-er
-Trying to hit opponent who thrust upon a down.  Easiest one is to do a
well-timed thrust toward the opponent and hit an aerial attack.
Lock down
-Offensive pressure that prevents an opponent from attacking back due
to forced block.
-Dodge and escape to upper space. Good at escaping chip damage or as
invincible jump
Dodge x 2-3
-Dodges for longer time
-Easily known as grabs but the property is not a grab. It has a
property that can only be performed when close and is a physical hit
that becomes unblockable; although it can be interrupted it is useful
to break blocking opponent. When hit it causes a stun that allows you
to hit hard with a combo.
Tick Grab
-Using small attacks (jabs) to lock opponent and dashing to close the
space to re jab the opponent. Mainly used so even on block it lets the
attacker to continue pressuring. Eventually sneaking in a dash stun.
-The auto aim device of most long-range attack. Good tracking means
accurate auto aim.
Bubble dash
-For those without a dodge (A.K.A the bubble) use it to force them
selves to move up to midrange if opponent abuses long range attack to
make it hard for close combat.
-Use it to prevent chip damage from projectiles
Mix up
-Mixing an attack series that takes correct guessing for the opponent
to prevent damage
-High/low mix up, meaning overhead and lows
-When to stop blocking or dodge mix up-unblockable and such
Damage scaling
-In this game the more hit you do the less damage it does percentage
wise. Adding a few jabs to extend the combo can even weaken a three hit
-In this game the damage scaling makes it even weaker for OTG, which is
fair (gameplay wise). The OTG can be avoided by teching even if it hits
the opponent can keep flying away.
Invincible frames
-Invulnerable to attacks during a certain move
-Examples-wing QCB K, epyon-QCF P
Super armor
-Boss. They are allowed to continue attacking even if opponent hits
-Upon hit a normal move can cancel by doing another move allowing
combos and constant flow of attacks
Guard non-cancel(made up term)
-No hit will cancel if blocked. It's a very simplified version of a
negative gain in street fighters series. Basically it makes any normal
attack not cancelable upon block even if you put a command for a
special move.  Thus allowing poking into special without worries of
being blocked because it doesn't come out.  A practical example in
gundam RX-78, far HK into mega, blocked=a safe knock backing kick or
Hit=a kick combed into a mega which usually mean a single armor worth
of damage off a mere kick.
Weight class
-Light/small class-very mobile
-Average class- has knock backs that elevates them above ground from
certain moves
-Heavy class-does not move back from knock back moves, usually slow in
the air.
Rifle/long range class
-Laser class-beats all other projectiles and moves instantly across the
screen. Quit a few mega are of this property
-Missile/guns- they can be destroyed mid air and usually comes in
multiple numbers. The lowest of the property
-Beam class- like Vulcan they are flying bullets that travels across
the screen at a moderate speed. It can beat missiles and Vulcan without
disappearing. The shield type energy attack like Deathsythe QCB P is
also a beam.
-Sword type-any saber attack has the ability to cut through projectiles
if it collides perfectly. I don't think it beats laser class attacks.
Deathsythe's mega is a sythe throw which equals a projectile that can
beat beam attacks, its also unblockable.
Stamina class
-Look at heavyarm to look at the number of hits done with a infinite
combo. The more hits the higher the stamina.

3. Tier list
This nowhere complete and has very little research to back it up. But
I'll show you why some of them are strong in the next section. I didn't
rate the bosses because in a competitive fighting game bosses are out
of the list. (not in order of highest to lowest, for each tier)

Boss-Neue Ziel, Dark G, Big Zam, Psycho
Top Tier-Heavyarm, Deathsythe, Epyon, Hydra
Semi- top Tier-RX-78, Tallgeese III, Wing Zero, FAZZ, Quin Mantha,
Upper Mid Tier-Zeong, Burning, Rose, Master
Mid Tier-V gundam, Bolt(?),Dragon, Altron,
Low Tier-Zaku 2s, Sazabi, GP02, Sandrock,
Weak Tier-Zaku 2, Ball, Acguy, Hygogg, Maxter

Anti boss
-Quin Mantha
-GP02-mega and QCB P were made for this battle.
-Hydra(except against Psycho)
-FAZZ(with luck, has defense to survive)

4. Characters
A. Styles
a. Rushdown- fast dashes, good combos, lockdowns, and mix-ups. The
strongest kind of close combat fighter, once you're caught say
bye bye to your health or prepare for a mind game.
b. Keepaway-Long range battle, usually keeping distance with thrusts
and Vulcan. The most annoying in the game.
c. Poker-has long reaching pokes and usually fast. It stops many
attacks before it comes out.
d. Hopper or Dasher- they start attacks from immediately rushing in
front of you, hopping to land a combo, poke, or tick grab.
e. Power type-Has a gruesomely powerful attack, usually a mega. They
can end a match instantly with few successions. Usually slow or
has some kind of disadvantages
B. Analysis
Top Tier
-A lot of safe moves
-Unblockable Mega
-Many unblockables, which cancels!!
-Slide cHK
-Lockdown with QCB P
-Ammo efficient Vulcan
-Lacks long-range dominance

-cWP, WK, HK
-QCB HP, thrust WK, HP,QCF HK

Unblockable reset
-cWP, QCB P(doesn't combo, but chips)dash cHP(unblockable),QCF HK
-OTG cHP, late cancel QCB HP(meaty), cHP, QCF HK
-Corner-QCB HP(hit), thrust HP, QCB HP(chip), [jump HP(unblockable),
QCB HP(chip)] x 2
-air HP(unblockable), cancel QCB HP(chip) x N, land cHP etc
-QCB HP(blocked), mega(unblockable)

Range game
-QCB HP, QCF HP=anti beams and shoots Vulcans
-QCB HP,dash/cHK/QCF HK/teleport

Mix up
-Mid range-cHK or QCF HK=high low mix up

Deathsythe is probably the scariest mech to fight because he has
all the tools of an assassin. He has so many ways to move around at mid
range to get close. His many HP unblockables sets up all kinds of
damage and robs away the opponent's life bar. His long range is decent
to stall, summoning a sythe with QCB P to block all other projectile
and shoot vulcans from behind or even a mega for an unblockable. His WP
and cHK has very little recovery and easily stops other attacks. With
Deathsythe he is pretty much guaranteed to take away some health away
once he is in melee distance.

-Long-range king
-Lockdown with napalm and missiles

-All attacks are missiles and Vulcan property
-A bit slow, a bit weak at close range

cWK, QCB HP dash X N
dash F, F, pause, cWK, back HP, repeat

record 205 hits
on ZZ-stun,
on wing/zaku-55hit
on hydra-145hits
on rx-78-63hits
on heavyarm/tallgeese/deathsythe-84hits
on v gundam/quin-124hits
on shinning-101hits
on rose/maxter/master/dragon/epyon-84hits
on acguy-49hits
-QCB C and HCB C unblockable

Against heavy(GP02,Deathsythe, espyon, zz, quin, zeong, sazabi)
anywhere infinite
-dash WK,QCB HP x N

stun, HK, mega
        mega(tall or heavy)
air WK, HP for push
air WK, air down HP(1 hit), QCB HP for close

Air down WP, WP, low WP, QCB HP coverage
QCB HK= invincible back hop

Corner trap air down HP
Heavyarm can keep away so good its not funny, equipped with so
many long-range attacks and a QCB K to avoid and counter your long
range moves. He relies on aerial WP, cWP, WP, and QCB P; to cover the
screen with napalms and missiles, this prevents dashers and hoppers.
The QCF P is damaging and has good tracking to hunt down the opponent,
it also a good move to use after a hit confirmed QCB P. Using HP after
most missile attacks will distance Heavyarm from the opponent to
maintain keep away distance. If Heavyarm ever catches an opponent with
a stun at the corner, he can do a simple infinite to destroy armor. On
a heavy class mech he can do the infinite anywhere on the screen.

-QCF P, the scariest invincible attack
-HCB P, a fast unblockable that knockdown the opponent
-Mega, unblockable and does 60% damage
-Many kinds of pokes
-QCB K acts like a low air dash, and lets Espyon have a mid range

-No long range

Espyon's greatest asset is unblockables and QCF P. The
unblockables are fast and rips away the opponent health in no time.
While the QCF P is an invincible attack that helps close in the
opponent safely without harm, it's also safe upon block on the first
torpedo.  The various HP attacks has range and able to poke the
opponent from a distance.

-Damaging super, and its unblockable
-Ammo efficient beams
-Long reach
-No chip damage from projectile
-cWK is godly

-Hits too high
-Not too many cancels
-Slow and weak projectile

-WK,(HK),mega(hits standing only)
-air WK, (HP), HK

-air WK
-overhead forward HK
-dash then cHP catched jumpers that avoid cWK

QCF P=ammo efficient and multi shot
QCB P=slow but has laser priority, note-its bad at countering other
missile and bullet type due to its narrow hit box.

Hydra gundam has some unique abilities to keep him interesting
from playing. First he has a non chip block(like iceman, in Marvel VS
Capcom 2), this will help you discourage long range happy opponent,
while letting you have a higher chance to get near your opponent
unharmed. His long range QCF P move shoots multiple weak beam shots
with very little ammo consumption, this mean it will beat most long
range Vulcan and beam battle. However the damage on QCF P is low so
it's more of a coverage/ anti long range move that isn't meant for
damage. He also has a laser type move QCB P; this is the highest
priority, laser, but has very slow wind up and angle, which keeps it
from being useful.  Now for his offense at close range, first he has a
decent mid range poke with his WKs.  Although it hits too high and
misses crouchers it still has its uses. You can cancel this attack (wk)
or any other poke into the mega, which allows hydra to do 90% armor of
damage. He also has a useful low attack, cWK which combos to cHK and
OTGs 3-5 times on the opponent. CWK and cHK has very small opening if
blocked. For okizeme using his saber works sometime also. At close
range you can rush with WP into tick. Hydra gundam is the ideal anti
Heavyarm at the right hands.

Semi-Top Tier
-Fast and long thrust
-Many move
-Poke and poke non-cancel
-Damaging moves
-Low defense, well average
-Slow recovery on special moves
-Lacks any long range dominance
-DP shield upper doesn't have invincibility to stop moves=useless,
unless for its high angle

-Low WK, low HP
           HK, mega
           QCF HP
-HK(poke), mega
-WP,WK or deep Low WK, cHK, WP,HP,down HK
                         WK,HK cross and overhead
-Air down HK or cHP, mega
-Stun, mega
-Back Forward P(5) down HP or far HK for push

cWK=dodge high and hits low
HP=kinda anti hop
WP=fast , set up
air WK=long reach, stays long
      , HK or low HK
air down HK=stomp
air HP-fast damaging poke
low HP=sweep
back forward P(mash)=cover
HCF P=fast initial hit with range, damaging, slow recovery
OTG mega= hit at its upper circular axis then it hits both grounded and
thrust escaping enemy
Tech catch
OTG HCF P=3 hit on OTG and last hit from behind (big opening if teched
or even on hit due to recovery)

RX-78 has some weakness like no invincible move and abusable
long range moves. However RX-78 makes it up for its crazy damage from
the Mega and the overall balance he has. His mobility is slightly above
average due to the size and long thrusts. His pokes are extremely good
despite RX-78's size, it has both speed and range. His beam rifle is
beam class attack meaning it can break through vulcans and missiles,
used in small quantity will help close in against Vulcan abusers.  RX-
78's back forward P mash, is an effective defensive move due to being a
good dash/hop stopper, it can also cancel out some vulcan attacks from
far away for no ammo consumption. Now for the damage source, he can
easily score heavy damage with cWP, cWK, QCF HP. After damaging with
that combo and few pokes, the opponent should break its armor. From
here, you can aim for a double Mega OTG attack to break single extra
armor for free. Well you might think they can tech the mega, however
due to the angle of the mega it actually hits thrusting opponent from
above.  Thus, it means unescapable damage. By this time the opponent
has only one more armor left so now you can aim for either a dash in WP
dash tick grab into mega or far HK into mega.  Another ways to land the
mega is as a counter against long range moves from mid range. Due to
the speed of the mega it can actually out speed most moves. Another is
after cHP or dodge + up air down HK knockdown. RX-78 is a monster that
deals armor worth of damage with a single success.
Four hit 2 armor combo- HK(poke),mega, dash mega x2.

6.Tallgeese III
-Long reaching poke
-Combo, both moderate damage and range
-Dash speed
-Unblockable king
-Overall high balance

-Heavy ammo consumption

-WP,WK,HK,QCB HP or mega
-cWP, cWK, mega
-cWP, cWK, cHP, QCB HP
-far HK, mega
-Air WP, (WK), HP or HK, cancel DP C

Lethal Poke
-Air HP-a lot of cover
-Air WK dive nice combo starter
-Air WP, the reach and the combo starter
-Air HK fast but C is better
-WPs long reaching poke
-WK anti air
-cWK long reach
-HK knocker

Other information
-HP fast knockdown
-cHP upper
-Dash HCB P=longer reach
Tallgeese III is the games superior balanced mech, Tallgeese has
everything from pokes, unblockables, and dominating long range moves.
First I have to mention his cWK its fast and combos many things. The
combo you should aim is cWK, mega and cWK, cHP, DP WP. Now for his
pokes his air HP is the main poke you would abuse, do to its coverage
and range. Then you have cHK and various kinds of knockdown HPs, this
will set up an okizeme. Tallgeese's main okizeme is his HCB P and
thrust air HP. Another thing to note is his DP P its fast and somewhat
safe, it will get you out of sticky situations. His QCF K does through
other projectiles making it a ideal range move to counter pesky
projectile attacks. Chances are you will not have a difficult match up
do to his overall balanced tools for battle.

7.Wing Zero
-Has the best tracking laser move-buster rifle
-Mega can dodge quit a lot of incoming moves
-Has a slide
-Invincible moves
-A poke type saber move, so much range
-Fast jabs
-Lacks extremely high damaging combo
-Feels overpowering when abusing buster rifle


-cHK, air WP, air HK

Wing Zero has two of the best moves in the game, buster rifle
and bird tackles. Buster rifle can beat everything and has near perfect
tracking. Bird tackle has tons of invincibility to stop any close
combat melee. Basically abusing those two will get Wing Zero to be
above most of the other mechs. His melee tools is cHK and dash WP rush.
cHK is a long range sweep while WP is the perfect set up for his mega
and tick grabs. Very effective to use, however he is very boring to use
because you can win by runaway buster rifle.

-Highest Defense(above V)
-QCF HP=ouch
-HK=buster rifle
-cWK cancel
-Big damage
-Long range
-Has a tracking mega
-DP K, invincibility
-Bubble, great defensive tool to have

-Ammo consumption
-QCB P= big opening
-HK=fairly big opening upon miss

      -cHK or HK
-air WP, down WK, QCF HP

QCB P=anti air, coverage, okizeme
            -HK or mega after
back HP=anti air for reaction
WP, HP, cWK walk on block- loop

WP, cWK tick
air WK=range
mega=tracks and safe
FAZZ is a great defensive mech, having stamina and tools for
defensive plays. First he has a HK that covers the ground with a lasr
type move. His combo hurts a lot, especially WP,HP,cWK,QCF HP. Try to
use a bubble before rushing in, because the bubble will eat through all
the projectiles. His mega his damm good for a long range move, I use it
to cover diagonal angles that he cant cover well. His back HP is a ok
anti air, while his cHK is a pretty good sweep. FAZZ lacks tricks and
rushdown tools but his high stamina and damaging combo makes up for it.

9.Quin Mantha
-High damage
-Long reach
-Various projectile
-Cross over

-surprisingly, only average stamina

(WK),down HP,mega=110% of a armor guage
air down WK, HK, cWK
cWK, cHK

Air down HP cross, tick set up
HK=anti air
QCB P, bubble cancelx3

air down WK or WK
mega= tech catch
Quin Mantha is very damaging, but has slow movement. Quin's
ability to deal damage with every move puts you at an advantage when it
comes to double hit situations. Although it's very hard to land a
combo, it is usually a 110% combo so it really pays off. After any
knockdown, you can try a mega to hit tech-ers for a lot of damage. Quin
also has a cross over which most mobile suits don't have. Abusing cHK
and air HK will help limit the opponent's movement. Quin can actually
use dash WP into tick very effectively due to WP's recovery. For range
use QCB P into bubble(PP) then immediately cancel to another move of
choice, this is a fairly good set up for bubbles and chip from QCB P.
Also aerial bubble into HCF P is an effective funnel attack set up.

Upper Mid Tier

-Long reaching pokes

-Tall and eats Zeong only combos (tall on OTG status)
-Unreliable mega

With Zeong you will not need any skills, all you need to do is
abuse his HK, air HK, air down HP, and bubbles. Occasionally squeeze in
a cWK, QCB P combo and a few QCF WP beams.

11.Shinning Gundam
-Best low jab
-Mid defense(101 class)
-Good ticks
-High agility
-Dash/Air dash
-Infinite floating ability.

-Lack of guns
-Lack of aerial long range

back hop (backx2), thrust and QCB K=agility

Combo starter -A's is safe and has rapidity even on block

(QCB K)WPx2-3, cWP, WK, HK, mega
WP, WK, cHK, Dp K
(QCB K in air)air WK, cWK, combo
combo against death
-Low ax2 mega

Useful moves
-DP K-a lot of invincibility

Air QCB K x N infinite float in air

Down, UP, QCB K=low air dash
Low air dash WK=mid range flying overhead kick

QCB K + HCF P fireball
QCB K + WPs combo
QCB K, cWK low hit
QCB K, stun

Big zam combo
-air down WK, down HK, QCF WP x N
Shinning gundam is a very simple fighter to use, he has a very
fast dash with QCB K, it looks useless but has invincible start ups, so
he can dodge some moves while dashing in for a combo. Once he's in he
can abuse his jab, which can be tapped rapidly even upon block making
it a very useful tool for combos and ticks. His combo is WPx2,HK, mega
and WPx2, cHK, DP K. His DP K is a very good invincible attack that
acts like a reversal. Dash in combo and ticks is pretty much all he
need to win. Against big zam he can do a loop combo with air down
WK,down HK,QCF WP x N, especially from behind to annoy the hell out of
big zam, the only problem is big zam can use homing missile to stop
him. A Cool tricks is his thrust up in the air 2-3 times and repeatedly
do QCB K in the air to float infinitely in the air. The opponent can
still try to hit you up in the air but it will be hard to catch him
because while he's using QCB K repeats he recovers his thrust gauge to
dodge and thrust away from the opponent quickly.

-Long range with WP
-Effective projectiles
-Decent combos
-Good unblockable
-Weak in damage

-cWPx2,WP,Forward HP, HCF P
-Air HK,WP,forward HP,HCF P
-corner, (cWP, Mega)x3, cWPx2, WP, forward HP, HCF P
-cWK, HK

Far poke king
WPs, HK, air HP
Rose has one of the most annoyingly effective pokes with WP.
Rose has generally weak damaging combos but has easily chainable moves
that lead to multiple hits. His HCF K is a useful funnel attack that
can shoot twice. Using it after a opponents knock down is fairly
reliable. His energy shield move can block most beam type projectile
and helps you poke fairly safely from mid range. Air HP is a effective
zoning tool from far away hopping range.

13.Master(need help evaluating this guy)
-Damaging moves
-Block cancel special
-cHP range
-Long range battle

Air HKx4
cWK or cHP, mega

Master gundam can easily score damage with cWK mega. However for
the rest of the damage he has to use various pokes that are hard to
land from time to time because he has pretty much no move to beat
projectiles other than the mega.

Mid Tier

14.V gundam
-QCF C=big damage
-High defense
-HCF P=indestructible unless failed to launch
       shields from projectiles
-HCFP, QCF P=performed anytime, slow being able to make good cover to
close in or combo
-DP K=some invinciblity, able to cancel upon hit
-Good pokes

-No mega
-Dependent on ammo for quick damage
-DP K miss=big opening
-HCF P takes a while to come out
-HCF P, QCF P is slow
-Movement is slow

-WK, above combo
-HCF P, QCF P, any combo
-Hop WK, HP, HK

HCF P set up
-WP, HP, cancel HCF P
-Thrust in air HCF P
-When opponent down HCF P

-Crouch for a more concentrated funnel guard
-Poke behind the funnels
-Sabers aswell

-cWK, cancel
-cHK or cHP

Corner sets
air WK, HP, QCF WP, land forward HP(stun), repeat

Wake up
WP, poke
WP, walk stun

Anti big zam combo
-DP K, WP, WK, HP, HK, WK, DK K repeat
V gundam is both slightly high in damage and defense but the
lack of special moves and mega evens it out. Although V lacks a mega
V's QCF HP's damage makes up for it. You'll need to pull out the
funnels by HCF P after every chance to make up for the lack of long
range. HCF P will shield against most megas and projectiles, while
letting V make up interesting combos and mix up. He has one of the
longest poke range and a decent line up of normal moves. Overall he is
challenging to play but his high stats and indestructible funnels will
keep you interested.

-Unblockable with range and speed
-Jabs with range
-Flamethrower for easy defense

-No long range that is reliable
-Average defense
-Low damage

cWP, WK, HK, Mega or QCB HP
WP, Forward HP, cancel, QCB P or HCB P
air WK, HK, QCB HP or mega
cWKx2, cHK, cancel

Anti air
HP=nice arch
down HP=nice range
Air Poke
WP and HP=range
Ground Poke
WP=fast and ranges
forward HP chain

Abuse HCB P
QCF HP at long range=cover, dash
QCF K=set ups
      -HCB P unblockable

Poke all the time=prevent jumps and retaliation
QCB HP=protection
HCB P to break defense
HK=dodges low

Mix up
CHK(hit),cancel HCF WK, hop WK-WK into combo=overhead
                              -cWP into combo=low
                       HCB P=unblockable+unescapable if not teched
Dragon is surprisingly strong melee fighter. He has some decent
mix ups and a very fast unblockable. Try to abuse cHK(hit) into HCF WK
for okizeme set up. When the opponent doesn't tech it away they are
trapped in a pillar of fire that can't be escaped, during this time
Dragon can either aim for a high low mix up(shown above) or a HCB P
unblockable. Another unique ability is hop WK x2, it can be done on a
blocking opponent and can be a tricky overhead. If the second WK hits
do HK, mega for mucho damage.

-WP and HP is very fast and has range, sets various poking strings
-cHP, F HP, QCB HP=is very long poke
-Air moves are unique yet usable
-HK is a nice anti thrust and anti air poke
-HCBF P=the best unblockable, it has speed and knockdown. Leads to many
okizeme strategies
-QCB K is an ok blocking air hop
-Useless mega
-Not exactly mobile and strong
-Weak projectile
-Poke with c/sWP to cover the lag of the range move
-HP is a nice safe poke aswell

-QCB HK is a nice aerial cross over(no hit) flip dodge
-DP P is an ok aerial hittable move
-QCF P is crucial to lesson the mobility of the opponent
-cHP, mega x1-3 in the corner is a ok usage of mega
-Mega is escapable in-between hits
-cWK, cHK is a ok sweep combo

Mix up
-Poke and unblockables
-WP and various other poke=anti close combat and sometime anti
-However they air blockable and deals no chip
-Mixing in a HCBF P will rip through a opponent who tried to block
Altron's fast and safe pokes

-HK is an ok anti thrust
-QCB K or with HK add on is a nice cross over
-Hop HP is a good overhead
-Poke with cWP OTG and start poke string into HCBF P
-Straight into a meaty HCBF P

Altron is all about effectively poking the opponent and trying
to mix up his unblockable. Then after landing an unblockable he can go
to some very effective okizeme, although a thrust usually breaks the
okizeme loop. Altron is weak against good keepaway fighters but can
fight equally with the rest of the cast, even against Deathsythe.

Weak Tier
-Thrust R1 then HK=instant cross over, if hit QCB HP
-WP 3 hit into QCB HP or QCF HP= damage
-Hop WP,HP=okizeme
   cWP, QCB HP
   air WP, repeat
-Hop WP, HP,QCB HK=semi tech hit
-Hop WP-tick
-Abuse air WP

With Ball, abuse the cross over HK technique because most mobile
suit can't attack above them. Another reason is it is very fast letting
you dodge and sneak past anything on the ground. If it's blocked it has
decent recovery to block or stick in a WP to start your attack.
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