Gundam: Battle Assault 2 Time Attack Modes and Survival Battle

Friday, January 29, 2016

Time Attack Modes

Time Attack A
The objective of this is to completely defeat eight mobile suits, as fast as you can. The mobile suits you fight are completely random and excludes all of the incredibly powerful 'boss' mobile suits.

The easiest way to beat this mode is to use Psyco Gundam. But it's really cheesy. But hey, your not going for style your going to win. Beat it in under five minutes and get a special treat. The Big-Zam to be precise.

Time Attack B
This time you get to fight the four completely un-random 'boss' suits. The best way I think to achieve this is to use the GPO-2A and it's high-powered bazooka, or use the Heavy Arms Custom to cheese your opponents to their graves, also Devil (Dark) Gundam's extremely cheesy unblockable duel hand laser attack will make short work of this mode. Beat this and less than three minutes and the Psyco Gundam is yours to play.

Here's the order of your opponents.
#1 Big-Zam
#2 Devil Gundam
#3 Neue Ziel
#4 Psyco Gundam Mk. III
Have fun with these guys!

Survival Battle

Oh this mode is fun. You get to play in a no holds bar fight to the death, in a suit of your choice. Against all the suits in the game. The suits are chosen randomly, except the 'boss' suits are dispatched on increments of six. Meaning every six fights is a 'boss' suit. Starting with Big-Zam, then the Neue Ziel, than the Devil (Dark) Gundam, and finally the Psyco Gundam Mk. III, only to start the list over on the next sixth multiple. Your health is refilled after every fight, but if you should lose an armor level it will NOT be replaced. Your life bar is only filled up to the top of your current armor level. Your ammunition is refilled after every fight, but if you use your megas you only get one back at the end of each fight. So conserve them and use them sparingly. As your number of beaten fights increases so does the difficulty of your next opponent. Changing the game difficulty will not change the suits difficulty in Survival Mode.
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